Indoor pool

The temperature of the Kouros indoor swimming pool is 30° Celsius. It is surrounded by enjoyable tables and chairs. The area is illuminated beautifully and you can enjoy a drink, the music and ............

This room is a non-smoking room.


Whirlpool/plunge bath

The whirlpool is 3 metres by 3 and has a temperature of 36° C. From the whirlpool you have a superb view of the indoor pool and the restaurant. The plunge bath is located next to the whirlpool and provides the necessary cooling off when things might get overheated a bit.

Sauna & steam room

In this section you will find the cozy  color sauna. There are nine new showers installed on a legionella-free water system. The temperature of the showers, which are located in three different areas, is individually adjustable.


The steam labyrinth is the pride of  Kouros. Clean, warm, humid and ... exciting. All our customers are enthusiastic about this new addition. There's an extra shower located in the steam room.


There is also a French toilet for anal flushing.

Video room & Relax

The Kouros has a spacious video room with a big screen and the latest gay movies being shown all day long. It also has a labyrinth with 16 relax cabins, video and a large dark room.


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A Piece of Paradise

For a warm day out, the Kouros Sauna in the Belgian Schoten is highly recommended!


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